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Daniela Červinková

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V oboru financí mám mnoholeté zkušenosti, ke všem mým klientům přistupuji individuálně a preferuji dlouhodobou spolupráci založenou na vzájemné důvěře.

Daniela Červinková

o konzultantovi

Odkud pocházím

Pocházím z Brna.

Zkušenosti v oboru

V oboru financí působím od roku 2011.

Mé záliby

Mezi mé záliby patří cestování, sport a vzdělávání se.

Proč zrovna finance

Finance si mě našly samy, až poté jsem zjistila, že je tento obor pro mě ideální.

Co je mým hlavním pracovním cílem

Šťastní a spokojení klienti.

Oblíbené místo pro schůzku

Jsem flexibilní. Ráda se s klienty potkám tam, kde je jim to příjemné. Ať už v kavárně, v kanceláři nebo u nich doma.

Co mám na své práci nejradši a co mi naopak vadí

Ráda se potkávám s lidmi a naslouchám jejich rozmanitým příběhům a nevadí mi vůbec nic.

hodnocení konzultanta

Vaše hodnocení

Balaji Subramaniam

I got introduced to Daniela about 5 years before and I am delighted with your service. It is really good working with a person who is truly interested in their client’s needs, circumstances and preferences. What really impressed me is the way you took the time to get an understanding of what I want then to accomplish my need / want, you had planned with your depth of knowledge, lateral thinking and common sense approach. Your professional, ethical, caring and responsible conduct provokes my trust and respect. Anything that you do for your client’s you do them as its your own task. I gladly recommend your services whenever possible. Client’s Interest First Always puts, client’s interest first and their interest. One can be rest assured that she won’t push any product which is not in line with client’s interest. Never takes any unnecessary risks with her client’s money and plans it for any situation like her own money is invested. Dani ensures that her clients are financially safe and cared. Financial Planning and Wealth Management As a Financial advisor Daniela has a strong expertise on the subject with varieties of products and methodologies within the legal framework and constantly evolving. A natural gravitates towards learning more in the highly dynamic industry developments. This is a very key aspect for people like me to depend on take her advice. She has an umbrella of product segment in Wealth Management products like Mutual Funds, ETF, Real Estate Funds, Mortgage, Insurance – (Pension Plan, Life and General), etc. Daniela has a very strong, complete and through financial planning capabilities with a clear weightage on goal-oriented investment, cash flow planning, investment management, insurance planning and investment proportion. She understands the Risk-Reward appetite of the customer while planning a portfolio considering strategic and tactical asset allocation and standard deviation. Dani communicates about problem or gap along with a solution to the problem / issue. Beyond Work Dani always there to help and support in difficult times when things doesn’t go the way they were expected to. She will stand with you and will be working with Companies, Financial Institutions and Government authorities even though it does not fall in the area of financials. She does not push or sell product or service just because of monitory benefit but only wants to continue and build in long standing relationship. With this approach we both grow together. I can recall a situation where a friend of mine had an issue with his property which he cannot not be holding as a foreigner. Daniella was so kind and helpful , she did work with government agencies in understanding the legal aspect, working with real estate agent and my friend she actually put in a great amount of time and effort to create a WIN – WIN situation even neither it was related to financials nor beneficial for her. I wish you good luck in all future endeavor Balaji Subramaniam suba1205cz@gmail.com